“Goliath Must Fall” Bible Study
Senior Pastor Dale Cuckow will be taking us through a 5-part sermon series based on “Goliath Must Fall” Bible Study by Louie Giglio starting Sunday January 17th.

We are encouraging you to gather, either in Community Groups or casually with a group of friends to go through the 6 sessions of the Bible Study together!

To join a community group you can look at our Community Group List and email one of the groups for more information, or email Su Tsai at comgroups@scfenglish.com for details.

Download PDF Version

To do the study on your own and/or with a group of friends you will need:

1) Access to RightNow Media; you can create your free account by scanning the QR code.

2) Once you are on RightNow Media, you can find the “Goliath Must Fall” by clicking on “Shanghai Community Fellowship” tab and scrolling down to “Senior Pastor’s Picks (Bible Studies).

3) You can download the quick study guide here

Note: if you are a SCF Community Group Leader, contact Su Tsai to request for the COMPLETE study guide.

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