When we introduced “Jesus at the Center” to SCF we said that we wanted to assist people with putting Jesus at the center of their lives because one day we will leave Shanghai and SCF; with Jesus at the center of our lives, although leaving SCF would be hard, we would be confidently equipped to meet the challenge of “different”.

We could not have seen then that another way we would be challenged was going to be the loss of the Sunday corporate worship service at Hengshan. Today, some people may even feel, “I didn’t leave SCF, SCF left me!”

True Christians will always find a way to be together for encouragement through the Word, Baptism, Communion and the bonds of friendship but nothing can take the place of having Jesus at the center of each individual life. There are many ways or “catalysts” which empower Jesus centered living, here are two: practicing generosity and having Jesus centered conversations. For a list of helpful articles and links to videos on how to live generously and have faith filled conversations, click here:

Today is the day to make your relationship with Jesus a priority, to make sure He is the center of your life!