Community Group Campaign: You Are Called Full Stop

Passage: Luke 1:78 (NIV)

because of the tender mercy of our God,
by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven


This past Sunday (21 Nov) Ps. Dale concluded the CG campaign series called ‘Time of your life’ by Andy Stanley. Ps. Dale started by talking about Paul’s divine calling that he received from God to be an apostle. Ps. Dale mentioned that Paul received an invitation or summons from King Jesus to take part in what God has called him to do, and for Paul his calling or vocation was very specific, namely to be an apostle of Jesus. Ps. Dale continued by saying not everyone might receive such a specific calling like Paul, but it does not mean we have not been called by Jesus. Ps. Dale concluded his sermon by citing 5 reasons why we all have been invited by God, irrespective of our vocation. The reasons are:

  1. You have been called to be a holy people. Not just doing holy things but to be holy people. To be ‘set apart’ from the rest of the world and to be people for God.
  2. We have been called to be in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ, brothers and sisters who have also been called just like us.
  3. Only the called can see the cross of Jesus as the wisdom and power of God.
  4. You have been called to be in Jesus
  5. We have been called to share in his calling (Is. 42:5-7; Is. 453)

With Advent starting on the 28th of November pastor Dale will in this upcoming week, speak on why Jesus is called the ‘Branch’ or the ‘Shoot’. He will unpack the claim as to why Jesus is the legitimate King, the leader we are longing for and the reason for our hope.

As we reflect on this past Sunday’s sermon while keeping the 5 reasons Ps. Dale cited as to why we all have been invited by God, think about how your current vocation is shaped by these 5 callings mentioned above.