It’s our 25th Anniversary Month!

We are delighted to tell you that SCF is celebrating our 25th Anniversary in the month of November. Here’s a video we created five years ago which captures the early part of our story and timeline!

For the 25th Anniversary we are re-making the “God of the City” video! Some of the video footage for this project will be shot at Watch Party on November 21st. If you are registering to attend Watch Party on the 21st, plan to stay an additional 15 to 20 minutes for the filming of the 2021 SCF music video, God of the City. The completed video will be premiered at the Christmas Day service. (More details to come)

Here’s a new version of SCF’s God of This City music video 2021! Enjoy!

In addition to celebrating our anniversary month, we have asked fellow SCF members who used to attend SCF to send a blessings and greetings video to us. Enjoy this compilation video.