Our Mission

To engage and empower our community with Christ’s calling for his Church and the nations.

Who We Are

A passionate and prayerful church, reaching people, equipping believers, serving communities, and touching nations.

An interdenominational church, welcoming people from all denominations.

A reflection of cosmopolitan Shanghai, with 700-900 people from more than 100 nations gathering for worship each Sunday.

A community group based fellowship, with over 20 (and growing) groups meeting in homes throughout Shanghai on a weekly basis, promoting spiritual support and growth in the body of Christ.

A community-minded church, serving local concerns through our various ministries.

Core Values


We value the relationships found in small groups of friends who love each other and love God.


Our mission is to help people develop a personal, lifelong, surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ in which He transforms our character into Christlikeness.


SCF is a church of the nations for the nations. Because God values all nations, so do we.


We value faith. It endures. It’s what we believe in. It’s how we live. It’s what we give to each other.


Finding a way to give back in acts of kindness done in Jesus’ name in our community and the world.