We believe the church should reflect Jesus as a generous people, giving our time, talents and resources to God’s Kingdom and the work that still needs to be done.

It is our joy to honor the Lord with our giving

How to Give

1) Give in RMB


You can now make a direct transfer to our WeChat account.
This is a personal account of an SCF elder, and the WeChat ID is “SCF Finance”. Please take note of the following:
• We do not provide fapiao/receipt.
• Please check to make sure the amount you input is accurate. We will not return funds once the transaction is complete!
• To avoid fraud, do not scan/pay to QR code except the one published here.

To give in RMB within China or any other foreign currency without a tax receipt contact us

2) Bank Transfer

For those who would like to make a bank transfer. Please use the following information: Paul Mamba is an SCF elder. This account is monitored by the SCF Administrator, Eileen Hsu, SCF Accountant, Bill Hu and the Board of Elders


* If making online transfer please enter the entire name in CAPS

Account number: 6214830210724463

Merchant Bank Huaihai branch 招商银行 上海分行淮海支行

3) Give by Credit Card

To give by credit card, use the following link,


to give through New Horizon Foundation. All donations given through New Horizon Foundation go directly to SCF. American citizens can also receive tax giving credit for their giving donation.

4) Receive Hong Kong Receipt

If you wish to receive a Hong Kong tax-deductible receipt, please contact us.


5) Ask About Giving


Giving FAQ

Q. How can I donate to SCF?
A. If you are in Shanghai, you can make a donation in one of our Sunday services, by WeChat, RMB bank transfer and in the US by credit card or bank transfer. (See the other information provided under this tab)

Q. Is SCF a part of a larger organization and therefore receiving financial support?
A. SCF is not a part of any organization; we are an independent, non-denominational church. All of the ministries of SCF are supported by those who attend SCF and interested friends like you.

Q. How do I find more information about donations?
A. Write to admin@scfenglish