“Turning tense times into opportunities for growth”

A webinar for men

Saturday, March 28 on Zoom: 9am to 2pm

Sign up with your name here: srpastor@scfenglish.com

Deadline to sign up: March 25

Schedule: Matt will begin the day with a devotion followed by a teaching then breakout sessions with guys in smaller groups. Another teaching and breakout session will follow with a lunch break afterward. We turn off the Zoom, everyone takes a break, gets something to eat then we come back for the last teaching session with Matt and breakout sessions. Pastor Dale will share a few final thoughts – the webinar will end by 2pm

Webinar Description: The challenge of a changing world is learning to be fully present in the midst of the tension going on all around us. We often frame tension as a signal that something is wrong and must be fixed. What would happen if we reframed tension as an opportunity to understand the Kingdom of God better and use it as a leverage point to grow the people in our family, team or department?

The real work of tension begins within each of us. The webinar will explore God’s perspective on tension and how we can see it as an opportunity to grow and not something to be feared. We will touch on the foundations needed for dealing with tension and give you some tools to be able to handle it more effectively.

The question is, ‘How can I be present in the midst of tension while creating a safe place for others to be fully present (and wherever possible God to be present.)?

(We will be sending out devotions ahead of time to look at the challenges Saul faced in the midst of the tension and how he responded to it. It will give you something to be thinking about as we prepare to gather together.)

Speaker Bio: Matt Rawlins spent 20 years working in missions in Asia and the Pacific, where he submerged himself in different cultures and worked with people from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

In his work, Matt became fascinated by people’s reactions to tension and uncertainty. He saw how people on the mission field, in the midst of the unknown, often blindly responded out of fear instead of courage.  This raised the question, how does a leader show up and be fully present in the midst of tension? It also inspired Matt to more deeply study change. He finished his PhD in leadership and communication from the University of Wales in 2001.

Since then, Matt has made it a priority to help people understand who they are in God and how to express Him in whatever challenging situation their faith finds them in. He’s found that if people can prepare for those moments of greatest uncertainty, then they can offer the very best of who they are instead of reacting out of fear.

Matt, has written 16 books exploring inquiry-based leadership, how to lead in the midst of the unknown, and how to dismantle assumptions to create space for growth. Currently, he splits his time between working with churches and missions agencies and consulting with large corporations on how to lead their companies forward in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

Life: He has been married to Celia for 36 years, and they have a son who lives in Hawaii with his wife.

One Prayer

Intercession for Friends, Cities and Nations  |  Mondays @19:00

In a “prayer room on zoom”

Zoom ID: 256-227-6788

Intercession describes prayers which are prayed for others or on others behalf. The person doing the praying becomes an advocate for another person, place or situation before God. Intercessors are those who in stand in the gap between heaven and earth on behalf of others!

Many years God spoke through the prophet Ezekiel when he said, “I looked for someone who would stand in the gap and found no one” (22:30) God was looking for someone who would stand in the gap between heaven and earth, like a watchman or soldier might stand in the gap of a broken city wall for protection and strength of the people.

Like the story which is told in Acts 12 when Peter was in prison and the church prayed for his release. They interceded informed of the need, inspired by what God could do, contending in the Spirit in the power of the Spirit and in agreement with one another.

When we come together to intercede together (and not as individuals) we will take a similar approach:

  • Informed – Good information about the issue we want to address in prayer
  • Inspired – By the promises of God, By the Word of God, By the Spirit of God
  • Indignant – Like the persistent widow from the story Jesus told in Luke 18; we refuse to give up!
  • In sync – “Amen” means let it be, spoken in agreement with other Christians

(Informed, Inspired, Indignant, and In Sync: for more information check out the book by Peter Greig, How to Pray or prayercourse.org)

As God calls this night an “appointed time”, He extends this invitation for His people to meet with Him in celebration of His works and the worship of His name.

Learn about the traditional Jewish celebration of the Passover that Jesus would have observed with his disciples on that night that is still observed by Jews to this day. We will explore how these rituals help us to understand the significance of Yeshua’s teachings about God’s instruction to ancient Israel, having brought them out of slavery into freedom, the significance of which affects Christ-followers even to our time today.


SCF’s Tuesday Night Service!

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