Many years God spoke through the prophet Ezekiel when he said, “I looked for someone who would stand in the gap and found no one” (22:30) God was looking for someone who would stand in the gap between heaven and earth, like a watchman or soldier might stand in the gap of a broken city wall for protection and strength of the people.

Like the story which is told in Acts 12 when Peter was in prison and the church prayed for his release. They interceded informed of the need, inspired by what God could do, contending in the Spirit in the power of the Spirit and in agreement with one another.

When we come together to intercede together (and not as individuals) we will take a similar approach:

  • Informed – Good information about the issue we want to address in prayer
  • Inspired – By the promises of God, By the Word of God, By the Spirit of God
  • Indignant – Like the persistent widow from the story Jesus told in Luke 18; we refuse to give up!
  • In sync – “Amen” means let it be, spoken in agreement with other Christians

(Informed, Inspired, Indignant, and In Sync: for more information check out the book by Peter Greig, How to Pray or

Join us at the SCF Office every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

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