Community Groups are an amazing way to connect with other believers here in Shanghai outside of our Sunday Celebration Services.God desires for us to live in community and has commanded us to work out our salvation together (Phil. 2:12). Our hope is that no matter how short or long you’ll be with us here in Shanghai that you will invest your time in people’s lives here and in community with one another.

Community groups exist to glorify God by transforming lives through the Christian community.

In a Community Group you’ll find…

Fellowship : Providing spiritual support to the body of Christ on a personal level.

Discipleship : Helping people grow and mature in their faith. Building unity and the fellowship among the church body.

Evangelism : Reaching out together to those who don’t yet know Christ.

Worship : Experiencing the presence of Jesus

Service : Sharing in the work of the ministry and service to the church.

We’d love to assist you in finding a group that best suits you!