Dear Ignite families, 
As we walk through this time together, our Ignite Kids team wanted to give you some tools to help the Children to focus on God and have some activities to do together that may make our days go smoother and Ignite those great family moments!!  Pray often with your kids!!  Involve them in your discussions and let them express their thoughts and frustrations and then go to the Lord together.  This time can be a great opportunity to discover and see God’s faithfulness and provisions!!
Welcome to Ignite Kids! Ignite Kids exists to build children into disciples of Jesus, using three main values we want kids to have – Wonder for God, Passion for People, and Discovery of Purpose


For God. We want children at Ignite Kids to have an awe-inspired wonder for their awesome Creator and how amazing He is!


For people. At Ignite Kids, we teach that God created everyone, and He loves them very much. We should also love people like God does and share the good news of Jesus with them.


Of purpose. We want our Ignite Kids to know that God created them for a specific purpose and plan, and has a place for them in the church family!

Ignite Kids is the children’s ministry of SCF, with ministry for newborns through 10 years old during the 4:00 PM service. Our team of passionate volunteers (Team Members) are here to partner with you and your family to provide a safe, fun and bible-centered environment.

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Ignite Team Members

For Parents of Nursery/Toddlers (newborn-2)

God is Everywhere Lesson for Toddlers
God is My Fortress Lesson for Toddlers
God is All-Powerful Lesson for Toddlers
God is Our Refuge
It Was Good

For Parents of Preschool, ages 3-5

Lesson 4 – Parent Connection Lesson 4
John 3:16
Sin is Gross
New Creation
Sin Revealed

For Parents of Elementary, ages 6-11

Lesson 4 – Parent Connection lesson 4
Sin Gets Heavy
Serving God
New Creation
God is Our Refuge
Sanding Rough Edges

We are passionate
about families!

We are passionate about children and their families role in the body of Christ. In support of this, we use the “Think Orange” Curriculum – taking the heart of the family, and combining it with the light of the church.


There are three separate services for children of the following ages:


For babies, those who crawl up to toddlers through the age of 3.
Located in the courtyard chapel, adjacent main auditorium


For ages 3 through 5.
Located on the third floor of the side building


For primary school students ages 6 up to 11.
Located on the third floor of the side building.