When my family and I moved to Shanghai in 2002 we started attending Shanghai Community Fellowship (SCF) on the advice of friends. We loved the church and got involved right away, teaching children and enjoying all that this community has to offer. A few years later and a move to the U.S. we were excited to be called back to Shanghai to become the first ever Pastor at SCF – that was in 2007.

We are a Christian fellowship and we value the celebration of Christ among the many nations represented in our church, the community that is created in the many small groups that meet all over our city on a weekly basis, and the unique opportunity to be on mission together. This is a great city to be in, and whether you are here for a few weeks, a few months or for however long, we invite you to be rooted here, to be nourished and to engage with the body of Christ and thrive!

Blessed regards,
Dale Cuckow, Senior Pastor