“An open door is the great adventure of life because it means the possibility of being useful to God. The offer of it, and our response to it, is the subject of this series” – John Ortberg

Life is filled with divine opportunities but we have to recognize them and respond to them. The Bible is filled with stories of people receiving divine opportunities from God but it was their yes or their no which ended up shaping their lives

The wonder of the open door is not in the accomplishment but in being with him.

A door that is thoughtfully, purposefully, intentionally opened by God himself

An open door to be useful to the God of eternity

We are encouraging everyone to either join an existing community group or start your own group just for this series. To discover more about this series, for help finding and existing community group or to start your own group, write us here, [email protected]

In addition, a sermon series to match the small group study will begin on May 16.  You can hear one of these “live” talks at a Watch Party or online, Sundays at 11am or on the SCF Youtube channel.