In this blog I have been writing about wisdom, specifically the wisdom which God has woven into the fabric of the universe. I really like the imagery of the Creator “baking into” all that he has created. His wisdom for how it all works is the “secret sauce” for living well in the universe given to us by the creator of the universe. This is good for all of life and everything “under the sun”. In other words, there is no human situation for which this wisdom is not available and helpful, including the circumstances, we find ourselves in today.


For those who have reverence for Yahweh and are willing to yield to him and follow him, there is hope in this one fact; “Yahweh’s eyes are in every place and always keeping watch on the evil and the good”. (Proverbs 15:3) He never tires of watching over us and there isn’t anything that escapes his vision; both pandemics and the secret thoughts of each heart are known to him.


One of our deepest needs which is known to him is our need to feel and to be secure. Whatever the attack or the threat, the name of the Lord is a “strong tower”; we can run into it and be safe and secure”. (Proverbs 18:10) Referring to the name of Jesus in the gospels, we find in this very person, a mighty fortress. When we are uncertain about our future and threatened by an enemy, viral or otherwise, there is no greater name than Jesus for security in strange times or any time. The name of Jesus is like no other.


Pastor Dale


On Giving. We want to thank all those who have been so faithful to give and support the work of Shanghai Community Fellowship, especially during this time when we are not able to physically meet. Many people do not realize that 33% of SCF’s budget is spent in partnership with other organizations which bring the good news to those who are in need in China and Southeast Asia. One example is the Renewal Center, which serves the homeless in Shanghai. People who were already on the fringes of society are now being pushed to the edge of survival. Renewal Center is there to give gifts of disposable masks, packaged food, and nutritious drinks.


SCF continues to support the work of the Renewal Center and many other similar organizations through these difficult days. Although our donations are down during this time, the SCF Board of Elders has committed to honor our financial commitments to our partners whose work is to help and care for the vulnerable. If you are part of the SCF community and have stopped giving recently, will you begin again? If you are new to the ministry of SCF we ask you consider partnering with us!


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