Like many local churches across the world, SCF created an “online presence” when the pandemic happened and we were prevented from meeting publicly. In the last six months we all have learned many new things; I have learned many new things(!) and we continue to grow.

Having an online worship service including our own “YouTube Channel” means people can connect to us digitally from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. As cool as this is, it doesn’t mean that SCF has changed; we are still a local, international church community in Shanghai, China. We are a local church; our leadership team is right from our community, the ministry of SCF is supported by the members of our community and we grow locally. It also means that the gifts that Jesus needs to grow his church are the gifts he has placed here. A big thank you to all who are sharing your gifts, through your generous giving we have been lead, encouraged, taught, inspired, cared for, challenged and organized!

If you are one of those people who have left Shanghai in the last six months – whether or not you knew it when you boarded the plane at PVG, you now find yourself moved to a new city. We hope you will find a local church where you are today where you can share your gifts and be the blessing that you were when you were in Shanghai. If you are still planning on returning when the borders open…we have missed you! Welcome back!!

SCF Online Sunday at 11am has a new web address. Check it out below. You will need to use this address starting THIS Sunday, August 2.