Let’s not forget Jesus at the Center! Recently, Con Loggenberg, SCF Discipleship Director reflected about SCF’s effort: “I think we did a really good job with Jesus at the center or as we referred to it at SCF – our call or response to discipleship, which in turn means to make Jesus the center of our lives. Through this initiative we were able to define what SCF means with discipleship and identify and focus on 6 catalysts for the year 2019/2020 to help people, regardless which movement they fall within, to move them closer by making Jesus the center of their lives.”

As we get ready to start a new ministry season (beginning July 1),  we continue to see transition and change in front of us. As most people will do when faced with significant change, we look at those things which are at the core to give us stability and peace. Thankfully, we have Jesus at the Center. To help keep Him there for all of us we will offer these experiences in the first quarter of the year:

  • Community Groups (Weekly). Focus point: Community
  • One Prayer (Weekly). Focus point: Intercession
  • Alpha (Seasonally). Focus point: Seekers
  • Discovery Bible Study (Seasonally). Focus point: Read, reflect and apply the Bible
  • Life@SCF ‘Get to know us’ (Seasonally). Focus point: New believers.
  • Workshops on Generosity and Apologetics

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Dale