We are looking forward to launching the Fall 2020 Community Group campaign on October 25. The theme is making disciples; the very thing that Jesus has called each of us to do. The challenge for many of us however is not that we don’t know WHAT the commission is (Matthew 28:19-20), but rather we are not sure how to carry it out and for some of us, we have some serious doubts about our own qualifications!

Would it help to be reminded that we are not making disciples of ourselves? We are facilitating, teaching, sharing and ultimately encouraging people in their relationship with Jesus. As one “disciple to another” – what are you learning from Jesus? How is it changing you? The word “disciple” describes a learner/teacher relationship; in this case it is Jesus who is the teacher and we are the learners. When the dimension of discipleship is added to the relationship we add the encouragement of the teacher/learner relationship with Jesus.

In this new series we will take a closer look at “disciple-making” and hopefully take some of the mystery out of it. In the process we hope everyone will be encouraged to add a “disciple-making” dimension to existing relationships or to start new conversations with a focus on the shared experience with the teacher Jesus. For more information contact Su, [email protected]