For quite some time SCF has done something called the “Community Group Campaign.” The “CG Campaign” is when all of the SCF community groups follow the same teaching on a chosen theme and the Sunday sermons also follow the same theme; it’s a great way to strengthen the unity in our diverse community.

The teaching theme for this fall is “disciple-making.” We all know that the door into the Kingdom of God is Jesus and waiting at the door is a disciple of Jesus, someone like you and me, ready to “show a new disciple around” and how things work in the Kingdom of God. This is how we have typically understood disciple making – a more mature disciple of Jesus welcomes and helps a new disciple. This is good but maybe there is more. What if disciple making also described a kind of friendship, one where friends encourage each other in Christ, learn from each other and pray for each other. It opens up the possibility of disciple making becoming a shared experience of growing together in Christ.

Another reason we like the CG Campaign so much is that it encourages new groups to start. Would you consider taking the initiative and asking a few friends (or just one) to do this study with you? It’s easy, it’s on RightNow Media (see below in this newsletter on how to get a free membership to RNM), it’s free and there is lots of support. The Sunday talks will follow the same theme and can be seen on Sundays at 11am (see SCF Online info below) or on the SCF YouTube Channel (YouTube search: Shanghai Community Fellowship) plus Su, SCF Community Groups Director, and Con, SCF Discipleship Director and I will be available to help with your questions. It all starts on Sunday, October 25 and runs for 5 weeks. For more information, contact Su, [email protected]