One question I get asked often is, “When will we be able to meet again?” Meaning, when will SCF be able to gather for Sunday worship services?  I wish I had a date to give you (I don’t!) but I do think we are close enough that I am compelled to blog about it.

As a reminder, especially for those who are in Shanghai, when we do start meeting on Sundays it will not be at Hengshan Church. Hengshan Church will be starting a major renovation project which will last 2 years. Currently we are looking at potential meeting places, a task which needs a lot of prayer!

When we do start meeting again we will be asked to follow several guidelines and protocols. These are the kind of things that many of us in Shanghai (and other parts of the world) are familiar with. We will need to wear a mask on Sundays, practice social distancing, have our temperature checked before entering and make a reservation to attend Sunday service, just to name a few.

In order to prepare for the day of meeting on Sundays, we will soon release a survey to collect information from our community that will help us make crucial decisions as we search for the right meeting location and plan the service that will comply with current health regulations. We encourage everyone to complete the survey and get others to do the same so that we can better serve our congregation.

The thought of being together again in worship as one community ignites our hope. It’s like coming together as a family, the family of God.


See you soon,

Pastor Dale