We recently completed a fresh look at the New Testament letters to the Christians in Thessalonica. During this time, I was reminded of how Paul, Timothy and Silas, read and studied their Bibles, (For them this was the Old Testament), which reached a crescendo in Jesus and the gospel, then leaned into and listened to the Holy Spirit for how to apply it to their lives. The cool thing here of course is that we can do the same!

Lately, I have been applying what I have been reading, hearing and experiencing in Christ to the search for the new SCF meeting place. In the last nine months there have been a lot of changes, especially as people assess their relationship with China. I regularly hear about people leaving; I see changes and then there are the changes I think I see

But there is also a hope; even an excitement about the IMMEDIATE future. It’s the kind of hope we can have when in Christ we start letting go of old ways and doing new things in new ways.

Hengshan Church has been our home for 24 years and it has been a great blessing to us. Our new meeting place can also be special because it is God who makes it that way. We will take our “DNA” and go to a new place and there we will see how God will shape us; the same SCF but in a new space to be shaped by Him. Imagine it, Jesus, the leader of our church doing new things in new ways!