For the past several months a group of about 35 people have been meeting in a “prayer room” on Zoom to intercede – it’s called “One Prayer.”  I have always liked the biblical image for intercession of “standing in the gap” (Ezekiel 22:30). It describes the gaps in the walls of ancient cities where watchmen would stand for the sake of the city. In intercessory prayer, we persistently press for the needs of others in the “throne room of God” on behalf of others. We pray, we intercede for friends, cities and nations for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Years ago, God began to show several Christian leaders the many areas of modern culture which still needed the Gospel.  The Lord showed them seven major areas of society, or “mountains” as they called them, which needed godly people to influence them, thereby influencing untold millions who were engaged in those seven mountains of society. They were: Family, Religion, Education, Government, Media (communication), Celebration (arts, entertainment, sport) and Economics (business, science, technology). Starting this Monday, June 15, we will pray for each of these areas or spheres and those who serve within them.  The first sphere will be Education. There are many “gaps” to cover each and every week, and now we will cover the “spheres of influence” – join us!

One Prayer

Mondays @19:00, in a “Prayer Room on Zoom”

Zoom: 256-227-6788

Password: 273577