Hengshan Church:

Even before we stopped meeting on Sundays we knew that the Hengshan Church building was scheduled for major renovations. Recently we were informed that the church building is closing down now, while we are still unable to meet. This means that when we are given permission to meet on Sundays again, we will not be going back to the Hengshan campus, AT LEAST FOR NOW. SCF is looking for a temporary meeting space; a place where we can meet during the approximately 2 years it will require to renovate and restore the church. Please be praying that we will be able to find temporary meeting facilities and that we will be able to meet on Sundays soon.


Another Online Meeting Time:

“Way back when” during a time when no one had heard of COVID-19, SCF was hosting something called “Weekday Connect.” Weekday Connect was a worship service especially designed for people who could not attend the Sunday worship service but it was also for everyone. Well, Weekday Connect is coming back!! On Tuesdays once again we will host an online worship service which will be the same online service shown on Sunday but with live chat. Did you miss the SCF online service on Sunday? No problem. You can join on Tuesdays now at 19:30 at shanghaicommunityfellowship.churchonline.org (Starting Tuesday, June 2)