There is more than one way to measure the passing of a year, “Advent to Advent” for example. What could be more sobering than comparing the year we just lived from Christmas 2019 to Christmas 2020? I have friends, as you probably do too, who we used to see at least once every week but have not seen in almost a year!

We are ending an “unprecedented” year but without much clarity or assurance that the start of the new year will be any better or different. If we are feeling a little discouraged, just a little overwhelmed, who could blame us? Placing our hope in Moderna, BioNTech or Sinovac helps but still leaves us wanting for more.

We are starting a series this Sunday, an Advent series, about hope: informed hope which tells us where to look, who we are, who He is and how our “Yes” can make a difference.

May hope be reborn in us, on the earth as it is in heaven.