Give your calling from the heavenly Father priority, then add the rest. Our calling should influence whatever else we might think about our occupations, roles and assignments.


This past Sunday (14 Nov) Ps. Dale continued with the CG campaign series called ‘Time of your life’ by Andy Stanley. Ps. Dale focused on the concept of compounding interest and honed in on one of the fruits of the Spirit, namely self-control. By contrasting the fruit of the Spirit with our fleshly nature, Ps. Dale encouraged us to continue to invest in living in step with the Spirit, as it will over time reap a tremendous spiritual result. He concluded the sermon by speaking about the idea of surrender and how one can practically create a daily habit of surrender unto Jesus.

In this coming week pastor Dale will talk about giving the time you can’t control to God, how trusting Him with your time looks like, and then enjoying the time that you do have.

As we reflect on this past Sunday’s sermon, there are three (3) things we can do as we continue to surrender our lives to Jesus.

  1. Crucify the flesh
  2. Keep in step with the Spirit and;
  3. Not becoming arrogant.

As we ponder on these three practical aspects to surrender our lives to Christ, which one of these three aspects do you feel the Holy Spirit is prompting you to focus on in this coming week? Who can you share it with to help keep you accountable? And continue to pray for a willing, humble and obedient heart to do what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do.