Time works like compounding interest, invest early and over time it brings outsized results” – Andy Stanley


On the 31st of October pastor Dale talked about Psalm 90:12 where it reads ‘teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.’ During that sermon, he focused on the first part of this verse namely that our days are numbered. In this past Sunday’s sermon (7 Nov) he focused on the second part of verse 12 and spoke about why gaining a heart of wisdom is so important. By making use of a picture of a jar of stones, pebbles and sand (which represents the various activities that consume our time in a day), he illustrated the importance of gaining a heart of wisdom. By having wisdom, we will be able to discern and know what is important, less important or downright a waste of our numbered days.

In this coming week pastor Dale will focus on identifying at least one thing that prevents us from making the kind of ‘deposits’ of our times that we desire, namely self-control. Self-control is a ‘fruit of the Spirit” which brings a new dimension to this often-threatening word.

As we reflect on this past Sunday’s sermon, let’s contemplate on the following approach, called Lectio Divina. It can be of great help for you and me as we desire to gain a heart of wisdom.

Step 1: Read – Pick a passage. After inviting the Holy Spirit to come and guide you, read the passage slowly, out loud if you can.

Step 2: Reflect – Meditating on the passage you have read, savour one word or phrase that you have noticed more than others during your reading. Write this word down or begin to ponder what God might be saying to you through this.

Step 3. Re-read – Read the passage one more time.

Step 4: Respond – Speak out in prayer what you sense God is saying to you. Tell Him how you feel encouraged or challenged by what He is saying to you.

Step 5: Rest – Simply take some time to allow God to wrap you in His love, and let the word He has given you rest on you.

Step 6. Resolve – Finish by articulating one way you might be able to live out the word that has penetrated your heart.