17 November 2020 -Luke 6:40 (NIV)

17 November 2020 -Luke 6:40 (NIV)


40 The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.


As someone who has been a follower of Christ for 20+ years, I still feel (quite often) that I fall short: not holy enough, not living up to my calling, not using the gifts I’be been given, etc.  The fact that as a disciple, I will never be above my teacher, but can “be” like my teacher is comforting.  This is not an excuse to give up on trying, but knowing that it is possible to be like Jesus is indeed encouraging.  After all, the apostles only had three years with Jesus.  Today’s verse is a reminder of the bar that’s been set for us.  Having accepted Christ as our personal savior is just the first step, but many of us stop there.  We don’t want to be taught, or want to take up training.  I had been going to church faithfully for awhile but it was not until I regularly attended a bible study class (and had to do homework each day) that I saw the value of knowing God’s word and in being with like-minded people.  We encouraged one another in the group as we studied the bible together, prayed together, shared life together.  In time, I was able to lead a bible study and mentor others.  This was not solely because I became more knowledgeable about the bible, but because I myself benefited from having people who cared about me and spent time to teach me about the ways of God.  There is great joy in seeing new Christ followers develop into mature believers.  While we have eternity to look forward to, there’s an assignment for us here and now that is rewarding and worthy to pursue.

Thoughts for the day

  • What does it mean to be “perfectly trained”?
  • Where are you at on this journey of being trained?  
  • What would be the one area you feel like you need training or equipping in terms of discipleship?


Today, take a moment, wherever you are, to REJOICE in God’s goodness.  Look beyond your current circumstances to the Lord of all Creation.  Remember that you are fully, unconditionally loved.  Take time to rejoice in the goodness of the God who has saved you.

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Answering God's call to move to Shanghai in 2006, Eileen did not know that God was calling her into full-time ministry. Having served as the SCF administrator since 2007, it has been a hugely rewarding journey to be part of such a dynamic, discipling making community.